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Assalamualaikum! Today i want to talk about one of the important subject that i learn in form 4. Ladies and Gentlemennnnnnnnnn this subject is quite difficult for me, and honestly i said, i hate this subject and my mum always keep up blabbbering meeeee because of this subject.

Ibu : Camne ko nak jadi doktor kalau Chemy ko FAILED!!!??
Princess: Errr....
Ibu: Takyah sekolah ah senang..benda kacang camni pon nikah lalu ah..lagi bagus
Princess: Errr. Err 
Ibu: Ibu tak pernah pon failed chemy ni dulu ok. kalau ko failed memang terang tang tang ibu lagi terror laa...
Ibu: Lepas ni jangan baca ah novel novel cinta semua tu.. tak berguna langsung.. buat makin khayal ade lah. budak budak nak ambik exam ni mana ada masa dah baca buku TAK GUNE gitu.
Princess: K.
Ibu: Lepas ni kalau failed lagi siap la ko..
Princess: K.

See?! Memang betul cakap ibu aku. bukanke syarat nak ambik medik, Bio dengan Chemy mesti strong kan? dah tu.. chemy aku weak ni camne :'( camne nakkk pandai chemistry nih.. Masa awal tahun dulu memang aku boleh dikatakan paling semangat belajar dalam kelas untuk subjek ni. tapi, time nak masuk pertengahan tahun terus aku lari dari tajuk....nak salahkan siapa? diri sendiri atau cikgu?! Hehehe kalau nak ikutkan murid2 ramai yang cakap cikgu kitorang tak reti mengajar, tapi kenapa ade je dapat A!? Masih nak salahkan cikgu lagi ke? haishh..salahkan diri sendiri saja lah..takyah nak libatkan orang lain.. Bawak bawak la sedar diri sikit yang ko tu memang tak reti chemy.. -____________-

Jadi harini aku nak cakap sikit....HOW TO GET A IN CHEMISTRY!!??

Learn from your mistakes.
Many students have a tendency to get back an exam, look at their score, get upset and use that energy to make them more nervous on the next exam. This is missing a very important opportunity to do some serious learning. When you get an exam back and after you have gotten over the shock of the grade, it is time to look at your mistakes and ask yourself what went wrong. Were you concentrating? Were you nervous? Were you clueless about the material? Did you know the answer but have trouble writing what you thought you knew? Did you think that all your answers were correct until you got the exam back? Would you give the same answers if you took the exam again? Most of these situations can be remedied with the advice above. A bad exam score is trying to tell you something, stop and listen to what it is. If you can truly say that you did your best, then you need to change the way you study. This is a golden opportunity to improve your performance next time.

Write everything out.
It would be foolish for a musician to watch someone else play a piece or to glance at a piece of music and say "that doesn’t look too hard, I can do that". The concert would be a very bad place to realize that they couldn’t play it. You don’t really know how hard it is until you try it yourself. In chemistry, you must work it out for yourself in writing. Solve the problem on paper or write out your explanation before you are being tested. What you think you know and what you can successfully write down may not be the same. The test is a terrible place to find this out.

Practice daily.
Wouldn’t it seem ridiculous for an athlete to put off practicing until the night before the competition and then stay up all night "cramming" for the event? Not only is there insufficient preparation but the problem is compounded by not getting enough sleep. Several shorter practices spread out over a period of time will do much more good than a marathon session where your progress is impaired by fatigue. When studying, don’t be afraid to take a short break and then return to your work.
Don’t forget that the quality of your study time is as important as the quantity of your studies. If athletes put on their gear and spend two hours standing around drinking Gatorade, they should not claim to have practiced for two hours. Likewise, a student sitting in the library with the book open but socializing should not kid themselves into thinking that they are studying. Find a place where you can work with out being interrupted. Being a full time college student is a full time job with lots of overtime involved. (And that does not even include the extracurricular activities). It takes a lot of effort, but the rewards are enormous.

Concentrate on your work and let the grade take care of itself.
The best performances in music or athletics require total concentration. Paying attention to the score of the game or what the audience is thinking takes away from you doing your best job. When studying or taking a test, give it your complete attention. There will be plenty of time later to think about the grade. The students who seem to do the best in class give their full attention to learning the material and, in the end, are often surprised by how good a grade they get.

And the rest is your fikir la sendiri..what can i say that sekarang aku memang tengah berguling2 nak mulakan sesi peperangan untuk chemistry,physics,addmath,biology and modern math. Modern math aku pun kadang2 gagap lagi. untuk yang memang pro modern math tu, bersyukurlah :') 

Keep in your mind that SPM is EVERYTHING!
jangan anggap mementang kita ni budak form4, lepak aa dulu.. NO WAY! Kita sepatutnya mula dari sekarang. Pakwe makwe tu boleh sambung kemudian hari. tak lari pun gunung dikejar. aceceh. 

Itu sahaja untuk harini. sekian terimakasih. * ikat tali di kepala,mau berperang dah ni!! Just wish me luck okay babes!!! Muahhh 

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