Sunday, July 24, 2011

when mina was getting bored..

peace. and keep viewing this entry.yeah,thnkyou :)

i love this pic :)

^^ i love ths pose. his mouthh pfftt !

donghae said : SMILE !! :D

i hate your blonde hair,for sure. but i`m tring to love it,bcause You Are DongHae :')

donghae in short hair cut .

i love him in ths hair style! :D

he is Lee DongHae,and not Justin Bieber.kbai.

are you trying to make me melt . or freeze? :P

baby,i`ll never stop from loving you :')

Bye For Donghae. say Hi for b2st !

beast is exactly in My dream lastnight ! :')

i`m loving you.and tht is not a Fiction.its a Fact !

i had a fever.can you please call Beast now? only that can make me back to normal :*

i got a terrible dream about a cute ghost .. and you are the cute ghost, Yang Yoseob! 

this is my brother,and i love him so so much :D

Happy Beast :)

*fact for today. i put on Yoseob as my Phone Wallpaper. HEEE

GoodBye .
thnks for viewing .
i love them.
and i love you .
thnks again :)

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