Wednesday, October 6, 2010

nothing is IMPOSSIBLE ! :)


i`m just a very2 simple girl ..tht alwys try to be the best among the best. and alwys dreaming to be a succesful prson ! i love to read..i love to listen to music. especially korean music . hahaha, seriously i`m dnt understand what they are singing about..but i`m still enjoying it ! 
is the NUMBER ONE story books tht i LOVE and LIKE THE MOST !!
i nver stop obsessed about ths stories ! and i nver stop thinking, about how J.K. Rowling can has such a great  imagination to write about Harry Potter ! 
i start reading Harry Potter  ths year..around may, or june... and had read all SEVENS harry potter books !
 this is the number one Harry Potter..
 and this is number two...

number three ...
 number four ...
number five ..

 six !

and !

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thats all about harry potter ! I DO LOVE AND LOVVEEE THIS STORY FOREVER !! 
i had read twilight... but i still LOVE HARRY POTTER !!
sorry...for all twilighters :)
i cnt stop for liking harry potter ..  <3 <3

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